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I'd do the heart eye emoji because I'm in love with her bracelet stacking skills, but she's already got her own heart eyes! Smart girl.
Our charm bracelets + photo cuffs are perfect for keeping your loved ones close + complimenting your favorite outfits.
It's been busy over here + all orders placed before today have now been shipped! Thank you to every last one of you + have a happy, happy Mother's Day. ❤
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I'm sitting here smiling as I make this necklace + imagining what kind of mischief could have brought on this tender moment. I love these glimpses into the lives of you all, my fellow, beautiful humans!
Mama's Day is coming and we have the perfect gift! She can carry the most important people with her at all times. ❤
Your kiddos face, your lover, or your favorite trip to NYC. This jewelry is the best way to hold on to your favorite moments forever!
What moment would you put on yours?
Working on improvements to the necklaces + I'd love to hear any improvements you'd like to see. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Making the chains stronger and soldering the jump rings for a more finished look. 😘
Hey, batter batter! ⚾