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Gimme all the dainty, layered jewels! 😍 || 16
Out for a midday stroll with the most adorable pup and the cutest bracelet! 🐢😍
Featuring our Summer Love cuff bracelet. Link in bio.
Eeny meeny miny moe, a special gift for Dad, Gramps and Poppa Joe. Happy Father's Day weekend!
Shout out to all of you to say thanks for sharing your hearts + families with me! I love hearing the stories behind your special pieces of jewelry.
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I sent this bracelet out with a little extra love to a momma who lost 2 of her children + is looking forward to wearing a memory of them everyday. Prayers + love. β™₯
I've got a crush on pink lips, white nails, and photo jewelry!  Wearin' it all day, e'reday. 😍
The saying goes,
Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!
Stacey's grandparents passed away before they could see her married.
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Her husband, Devin, bought her a bracelet as a wedding gift with both sets of grandparents photos so they could attend her wedding and Stacey could have them close on her big day. How sweet is that?!
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Who else has a husband worth his weight in gold??
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