Michael Roberts


Ever since I was a little boy, I've been an old man on the inside. When I was 10 and everyone else my age was playing with each other, I would actually avoid playing with other kids and spend hours and hours self-educating on the internet about anything and everything – from riot control techniques to the science of forest fires and marketing. I even researched how to block my "friends" numbers to make the previously mentioned attempt of avoiding them easier. Eventually I learned to play nice with others and it's now one of my favorite things to do, but my desire for self-educating continued to grow.

Throughout my teen years I made several endeavors in formal education, but didn't think any were worth sticking with. I even enrolled in the 2013 spring semester of college and gave it a try since that's what most people say you have to do. I couldn't stand how inefficiently time and money were spent, so I haven't been back since.

In 2009, after seeing how cool Heidi's idea for a picture bracelet was, I used my research knowledge and spent hundreds of hours learning how to launch a business and find manufacturers.

Growing up with a dad who was self-employed, I was always set on being able to thrive with self-employment rather than the normal route of working for a national company. Combining that desire with my strong distaste for formal education lead me to put all my efforts into PicktureThat!. In 2010, we launched and since 2012, I've been able to work on PicktureThat! full time!

Some of my favorite things to obsess over:

— Deeply researching various topics online – currently Millenials and pop culture.
— Listening to a police scanner and photographing news scenes then selling my photos (cha-ching!)

Hanging out with friends and family, summer, kayaking, swimming in lakes, Black Friday.