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Ladies, we have a winner!!! Thanks to @mdigsit for choosing the name “Moondrop Bar”. Side note: one of my favorite plants, the Schefflera plant, is nicknamed the moondrop plant. It was meant to be! Please contact us to get your free necklace <3
Get your tissues out, the story behind this piece is a heart jerker, but so sweet.

This little girl, Scotty, was in her mom’s belly and wasn’t due for another 5 weeks. Meanwhile, her Grandpa, Kevin, was in the hospital dying of cancer but trying to hold on until she was born so he could see his granddaughter.
Long story, short, Scotty was born 5 weeks early and Kevin was able to meet his granddaughter before passing away. Scotty is doing fine and was given the middle name Kevin in honor of her grandpa she got meet ever so briefly.

I created this tiny custom bracelet for her with a photo of her and Kevin, an “S” on one charm and a “K” on the other. Scotty Kevin + Kevin, I’m so glad you got to meet in this life. 🤗

I need help naming the new necklace on top! Give me all your ideas in the comments below and one lucky person will win the necklace in the length of their choosing. Get at it!
I am LOVING the new packaging!! What do you guys think?
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